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Dear Friends,

You are facing a serious situation and you have decided to turn to Rusfond UK.
We will try to do everything we can to help you. Please send the following information to you first and last name, first and last name of the child who needs help, his or her birthdate along with an outline of the problem (i.e. diagnosis, name of the hospital and the cost of medical treatment if known). Please also include your full mailing address and zip code, your email address, if any, and your phone numbers.

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Dasha Pyatkova, 11 years old, congenital malformation of the genitourinary system, surgery is required.

Dasha Pyatkova, 11 years old, congenital malformation of the genitourinary system, surgery is required.

Money for treatment (GBP 47,775.96) was collected by TV viewers of Channel One and Rusfond readers. Donate to Rusfond UK  to cover the living costs in London, household expenses and expendable medical supplies such as catheters.

My daughter has withstood so much pain in her a short life, you would not wish it to anyone. Dasha was born with a severe pathology of the genitourinary system. We were referred to a specialised clinic in Moscow. They carried out the examination and said that a surgery would be needed, but only when my daughter turns seven. All these years Dasha has been suffering because of the incontinence, she used nappies, could not communicate with other children. Later complications began. There was a reflux: urine does not pass into the bladder, but is thrown back into the kidneys, because of this, infections develop. The bladder has stopped growing, now its size is like of a one-year- old child. When Dasha was seven, she had the first surgery, but there was no effect. Then there were a few more attempts, but unfortunately, all these failed. I was in despair: would my daughter live all her life wearing nappies? On TV I saw a story about a girl who had an operation abroad with your help, and now she is doing fine! In February we managed to visit Moscow and receive consultation from a surgeon from London clinic. He agreed to accept Dasha! I cannot raise money for the surgery, you are my only hope! I am begging you, please help!

Natalya Petkova, Novosibirsk region.


Children’s urologist consultant professor Imran Mushtak at Portland Hospital (London, United Kingdom): “Dasha suffers from incontinence. We plan to carry out a surgery to increase the bladder and restore the function of controlling urination with the help of catheterisation.”