Danil Leonov, 2 months old, severe congenital malformation - bladder exstrophy, operation required in the Portland Hospital (London)., 79,938.00 GBP
Danil Leonov, 2 months old, severe congenital malformation - bladder exstrophy, operation required in the Portland Hospital (London)., <nobr>79,938.00 GBP</nobr>

We waited for our first baby so much! I was passing all medical examinations in time. I had ultrasound scan 6 times during my pregnancy and none of them showed that the baby would have health problems. Danil was born with a severe malformation, his abdominal wall was opened and the bladder was exposed outside, the pelvic bones were separated by 3 centimetres. With bladder exstrophy there’s no urethra and urethral sphincter and the urine leaks out. We were waiting for a complex surgery and were sent to Moscow. Unfortunately surgery didn’t went successfully. The incision is not recovered, the bladder is outside, not inside, and there’s constant risk of infection. We managed to get appointment with the foreign surgeon, when he came to St. Petersburg. The doctor advised us to make the surgery again to fully close abdomen. And when Danil gets better, the surgeon will make the “Kelly procedure” and will recover the urogenital system. This will give the hope, that our son will live the normal life. But we are not able to pay for the  treatment. Please help us! 

Marina Leonova, Belgorodsky region.


Consultant Paediatric Urologist  of Portland Hospital, Imran Mushtaq (London): Another attempt is required to close the bladder exstrophy, the bilateral pelvic osteotomy is needed (removal of deformation of the musculoskeletal system – Rusfond). A year after it will be possible to carry out the “Kelly procedure” for the child to fully recover the urogenital system.

Danil Leonov’s surgery was a success
On the 8th December, we have published the story of Danil Leonov from the Belgorod region on this very website. Danil has a bladder exstrophy – a severe congenial malformation. The required amount of money has been raised thanks to Rusfond (Rusfond.ru). The boy has undergone a successful surgery at the Portland Hospital, London. Following a medical examination, the surgeon sough it possible to perform the Kelly procedure (reconstruction), which was previously planned for later stages in the boy’s life. The doctor created a neck of the bladder and has eliminated the malformations of the reproductive system. The abdominal wall has also been closed off. Danil is feeling well following the surgery and his parents, Marina and Sergey, would like to thank everyone who has helped them. Dear friends, please accept our words of gratitude!