Daniel Konev, 10 years old, a cancer (right adrenal gland),, treatment is required in Harley Street clinic (London)., 91,549.00 GBP
Daniel Konev, 10 years old, a cancer (right adrenal gland),, treatment is required in Harley Street clinic (London)., <nobr>91,549.00 GBP</nobr>

For six years my son received a lot of chemotherapy, operations , radiation therapy and transplantation of bone marrow. Thanks to your support we were able to continue this treatment, which gave a positive result. Doctors use the latest treatment protocol with the use of medicine, which in the past my son did not get. In the result of intensive therapy, which he has got after his backset last year, the disease has been put on hold. Last examination showed - tests results got back to normal, the son's health condition has improved. In August of this year we were released home for two months. The 9th birthday my son has celebrated in the warmth of the family.. Currently Danila feels well, he is active and happy boy, he dreams to recover and go to school. But for his dreams to be accomplished we have to go through another part of his treatments. Please help us to get this point of his dream! Other than you there is no one to help!

Vera Koneva, Tyumen region.



Dr Stergios Zacharoulis, consultant pediatric oncologist  (London): "Recent examination shows  his improvement. Bone marrow is clear. However they remain stable bone metastases. It is necessary for the boy to continue his treatment with the medicine, which have shown a positive issue."

Danya Konev passed away.
Unfortunately, prolonged treatment could not defeat the tumour. His weakened body succumbed to the disease.
We offer our sincere condolences to Danya’s parents – Vera and Ilya.

Danila Konev has undergone treatment 

On 15th January, we shared on this site the story of Danila Konev from the Tyumen region (Siberia).  Danila has a malignant tumour – a neuroblastoma of the right adrenal gland.  The entire sum of money needed for his treatment was raised with the help of Rusfond (rusfond.ru).  Rusfond UK donors contributed a further £3000.  Doctors at the Harley Street Clinic in London treated the boy for a recurrence of the disease in 2014.  Danila was given chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, in February 2016, an examination showed that the disease was progressing once again.  In the circumstances, it was decided to send the boy home to receive palliative care.  Since 2011, Rusfond donors have not ceased to support the Konev family.  Danila’s parents, Vera and Ilya, are thankful for this help.