Arseny Kruglov, 15 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, needs to undergo treatment at Harley Street Clinic (London), 120,866.00 GBP
Arseny Kruglov, 15 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, needs to undergo treatment at Harley Street Clinic (London), <nobr>120,866.00 GBP</nobr>

Last August Arseny was given a bone marrow transplant from his brother. Due to the fact that before the procedure high-dose chemotherapy and radiation were administered as treatment, his immune system was completely destroyed. This procedure is done in order for healthy donor cells to survive in the body. All went well, the transplant is already functioning properly. But, of course, because the immune system was not fully recovered yet, the son’s body could not cope with any infections. Therefore, Arseny had to go to the clinic several times to fight viruses, pneumonia, and kidney complications. All of these greatly increased the cost of the treatment, which is why, unfortunately, we required more than the original  amount of money you have transferred to us. We cannot thank you enough for the help and support you have kindly provided to us, our whole family is very grateful for that!


Please help our son to get through the recovery phase of the treatment, it is extremely important right now. Arseny remains positive, as always. He has many interests, such as learning to play the ukulele (Hawaiian guitar), shooting videos, and painting. We have hope of your kindness!

Boris Kruglov, Saratov Region.


Ayad Atra, pediatric hematologist at Harley Street Clinic (London, United Kingdom): "After a relapse of leukemia Arseny received a bone marrow transplant for health reasons. The transplant has been fully accepted by the body. Some infectious complications occurred as expected, with which the child was hospitalised several times. We are sure that we will successfully treat them. We are planning to let Arseny go home until August".

Arseny Kruglov returned home after medical examination in Harley Street Clinic (London). The results of examination are good. Arseny was allowed to attend the school with advanced study of English language, the studies go successfully. Now he feels not bad and passes through maintenance therapy.  Margarita and Boris, Arseny’s parents, are grateful for help to the audience of “First Channel” and the readers of Rusfond.