Denis Aleksandrovich, 6 years old, cancer - Ewing's sarcoma, treatment at the Harley Street Clinic (London, UK), 334,463.00 GBP
Denis Aleksandrovich, 6 years old, cancer - Ewing's sarcoma, treatment at the Harley Street Clinic (London, UK), <nobr>334,463.00 GBP</nobr>

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Denis has a very difficult and dangerous condition. A tumour was discovered when he wasn’t even a year old. His hand and feet would hurt, any sense of touch caused severe pain and he would cry out loudly. X-rays revealed a tumour in the cervical-thoracic spine. He underwent surgery and after ten cycles of chemotherapy there was a remission, but it was far too early for us to celebrate. Eighteen months later, Denis experienced pain in his hand, and began to cough heavily. The doctors did not suspect anything wrong until Denis started to choke. A survey found that a huge tumour had started to grow again, squeezing the trachea and lungs. Our doctors refused to operate due to the high risk involved. We rushed to Israel, but there was nothing they could do. A ray of hope dawned on us when we were given the approval of sending Denis to the Harley Street Clinic. We rushed him to London, and on the next day a team of highly trained doctors had already  performed surgery which lasted seven hours, and to our delight the tumour was finally removed. Denis is currently undergoing long-term treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. Please help us pay for it. It is our only hope! Inna Aleksandrovich, Belgorod region.


Consultant Paediatric Oncologist Dr Stergios Zacharoulis of the Harley Street Clinic (London, UK): "Denis was given a complex operation involving neurosurgeons and a cardiothoracic surgeon. A significant portion of the tumour was removed, the spine is stabilised and decompressed. Recovery from the operation is proceeding well. After two weeks, we plan to give a third course of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. "

Denis Aleksandrovich died. After the surgery the boy's condition was gradually getting worse, the neurological complications were developing. In early March, after a stable remission, the sudden relapse started and the tumor began to grow fast. 
We offer our deepest condolences to Denis' parents, Inna and Anton.

Denis has shown encouraging signs after treatment. Tumour cells are not active and have decreased in size. Denis feels much better. He is playing, drawing, watching cartoons, and has even played football. Ahead of the operation we will remove the rest of the tumour and undergo the correction of the trachea. Inna, Denis' mother, thanks the audience of the First TV channel and Rusfond's readers for their help.