Kiril Muratov, 5 years old, Rare Prune Belly syndrome, Requires surgery at Portland Hospital (London, UK), 165,482.00 GBP
Kiril Muratov, 5 years old, Rare Prune Belly syndrome, Requires surgery at Portland Hospital (London, UK), <nobr>165,482.00 GBP</nobr>

I was very happy when I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I were trying for 8 long years for a baby. Even before I gave birth, however, doctors warned us that our child might have kidney problems, and when Kiril was finally born, we found out his health problems were even more severe than originally thought. Our son has poor abdominal muscle development, a condition that gives him problems passing urine and stools, and he has an enlarged bladder and ureters. Moreover, he has two holes in his heart and two cysts were found in his brain. He has been admitted to hospital six times in one year. In Russia we have been offered to undergo non-radical surgery to repair his abdominal muscles and then two separate operations for defects of the genitourinary system- only, these procedures would happen in the space of three years.  It is very dangerous to wait such a long time, as kidneys can suddenly stop functioning. In London it is possible to fix these problems all in one go, and in the near future also. If this was possible our son would be healthy and would no longer be disabled. We are unable to pay this procedure, so we ask you to help save our child! Lilia Muratova, Bashkiria. 

It is dangerous to wait


Patrick Duffy, Children's Paediatric Urologist at Portland Hospital (London, UK): “This child has a serious disease of the genitourinary system, which needs to be treated. We will perform surgery to correct reflux (the reversed direction of urine flow), and it is also necessary to perform plastic surgery on the outer abdominal wall where there is poor development of the abdominal muscles. Then his health will improve significantly.”

Kirill Muratov returned home after successful treatment undertaken at Portland Hospital (London). It took many hours to perform complex operation that included the plastic surgery of urinary tract and the strengthening of abdominal muscles. Kirill has recovered very fast and he feels well now.
Lilia and Albert, his parents, are very grateful for everyone’s help.  
Please also accept our gratitude, dear friends!